From data to knowledge.

We develop end-to-end solutions based on Artificial Intelligence
adopting a data-driven approach.

Starting from the needs and requirements of our customers, we create values by developing easy to use data-driven, AI solutions.

By transforming complex, incomplete or unstructured data into knowledge, our Products and Solutions fully support decision makers and automatise processes.

Marco Calderisi, CEO

Powerful products

with Princess AI Suite

Princess AI Suite is our data science framework in which all our experience is crystalised. With Princess we drill down onto specific applications and speed up the execution of custom projects.

Our products:
Vega Toolkit

Our Expertise for your business

In over 10 years of experience in different fields, we’ve fostered our teams’ compounded skills on specialised methods to develop field specific solutions, centred on our client’s needs.

Industry 5.0

Industry 5.0

AI technology revolutionised the way industries operate and has been increasingly adopted in different industries to improve efficiency and productivity. We use it to create systems that maximise yield, reduce waste and optimise energy consumption, by automating labour intensive processes, increasing accuracy and speeding up processes. AI applications in the efficiency and productivity area are expected to expand further, therefore we constantly explore the potential of AI to offer to your company all the benefits it can offer.

Energy Saving Zero Defects Anomaly Detection Process Control Virtual Sensors
Logistics and Mobility

Logistics and Mobility

Geospatial solutions offer powerful insights into the physical world by combining geospatial data with technology. With the help of geographic information systems (GIS), we create maps and 3D models of the real world, providing an in-depth understanding of an area. From the development of delivery optimisation systems, to the creation of digital twins of a plant, we create solutions supporting both logistic organisations (from delivery services, both FTL and LTL, to warehouses) and city managers, optimising the organisation of spaces and traffic, and reducing operations time. 

Environmental Analytics Remote Sensing Smart cities Last-mile FTL
Chemistry & Lab

Chemistry & Lab

We are longtime experts in the industrial, pharmacological and agri-food chemistry field. We support our clients with scientifically proven solutions optimising their R&D and regulatory activities with in-silico prediction of physical and toxicological properties of new chemical compounds, and many other machine learning based applications for the management of chemical and toxicological data, from experimental data analysis to Design of Experiment.  

Food & Agriculture Biosensors Pharma & Ecotoxicology
Sports & Healthcare

Sports & Healthcare

AI has become an integral part of healthcare and athletes training, providing a range of solutions to improve the quality of treatments. From diagnostics to drug discovery, as well as injury prevention, AI is helping trainers and medical professionals make decisions faster and more accurately. AI is being used to develop future solutions, by being used research to develop new treatments and therapies, as well as to assist in the analysis of patient data.

Imaging Biosensors Omic science Wearable sensors

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Our Expertise

As per our agnostic approach to Data science methods and languages, we master a varied range of expertise and are always up to date on the most advanced solutions that may be helpful for our clients.

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Our Partnerships

We believe in the integration of skills and competences and the cooperation amongst specialists as the best way to explose ideas and get to brilliant solutions.

We work with brilliant clients

We create long-lasting collaborations with our clients resulting in
state-of-the-art solutions that enrich and empower organisations.

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We are scientists, developers, humanists, designers, psychologists, and more.
We share a strong passion for data and their every day challenges.

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