From data
to knowledge.

We develop end-to-end solutions based on Artificial Intelligence
adopting a data-driven approach.

Starting from the needs and requirements of our customers, we create value by developing easy to use data-driven, AI solutions.

By transforming complex, incomplete or unstructured data into knowledge, our Products and Solutions, fully support decision makers and automatize processes.

Marco Calderisi, CEO

Powerful products

with Princess AI Suite

Princess AI Suite is our data science framework in which all our experience is crystalized. With Princess we drill down onto specific applications and speed up the execution of custom projects.

Our products:
Vega Toolkit

Our skills thrive on complexity

Kode is a data science company that supports private and public entities developing AI-based tools to extract information from data, to increase automation and to improve efficiency.

Industry 5.0

Industry 5.0

Better industrial process control allows you to maximise yield, reduce waste and optimise energy consumption.

Energy Saving Zero Defects Soft Sensors Anomaly Detection Predictive Maintenance
Geospatial & Mobility

Geospatial & Mobility

Make the most of the potential of geospatial data to develop new solutions, improve logistics and decrease the environmental impact of transport.

Environmental Analytics Logistics & Mobility Remote Sensing Smart Cities


Kode Chemo is the verticalization of Kode in the chemoinformatics field, the flagship of the Pisan company.

Pharma & Ecotoxicology Food & Agriculture Biosensors
VEGA Toolkit


Imaging, biosensors, omics science, wearable sensors: where AI can help healthcare professionals make the best decisions.

Omics Science Wearable Sensors
Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Through Computer Vision we are able to derive meaningful information from digital images and videos and take actions based on that information.

Quality Control Visual Inspection Object Recognition
Sports Analytics

Sports Analytics

Optimizing performance is the essential core of any sport. Through our expertise in Sports Data Science we take performance to the next level.

Injury Prevention Scouting Game Analysis Training Load Monitoring

We work with brilliant clients

We create long-lasting collaborations with our clients resulting in
state-of-the-art solutions that enrich and empower organizations.

An open and interdisciplinary team

We are scientists, developers, humanists, designers, psychologists, and more.
We share a strong passion for data and for the challenges they pose every day.

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