Kode and Buchi together for quality check

Kode s.r.l.

NIR quality control by Buchi integrates process analysis by Kode’s FactorAI.

Clear identification of what determines each product’s characteristic is now available.

Quality check gest faster with the integration of NIR analyzer and FactorAI

20th of April 2023 – Kode and Buchi Italia, leading solution provider in laboratory technology, quality control and production worldwide, forge a partnership to make quality control easier and faster.

The combination of Kode and Buchi’s competences, indeed,  generated a product able to automate and integrate quality and process control. Hence it is able to optimize production processes in many fields, such as the chemical industry, pharma, food, environmental…

“Not only can we make information faster and clearer, we can also exponentially reduce production costs and timing”

Marco Calderisi – CEO Kode

The system makes rapidly and efficiently available all information gathered by NIR spectroscopy sensors about the product’s characteristics. Accordingly no more waiting for lab data after the end of the whole production process will be necessary.

For instance this data automatically enters FactorAI and integrates with process indicators into the machine learning model. It backward assignings each product’s characteristic to a specific plant’s activity.

As a result, any production field where NIR spectroscopy can be applied to quality control, can profit from this new technology.

“The solution – declares Marco Calderisi Kode’s CEO – is, whereas complicated, pretty immediate. Buchi sensors’ signals become the target variable for our Machine learning models. That’s the way we can reassign them on the plant to pinpoint precision. Not only can we make information faster and clearer, we can also exponentially reduce production costs and timing”.

Adds Giuseppe Ferrari Product manager, Buchi Italia: “The integration of process spectrophotometers by Buchi with Kode solution will magnify the NIR technic’s performances and benefits. A simultaneous elaboration of data coming from the analyzer in the near infrared and from production process signals will optimize productivity by reducing ROI elapsed time”.

Kode is glad to collaborate with Buchi Italia: click here to discover more on Buchi Italia Srl

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