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Many companies do not collect their own process data and sometimes not even data related to inventory, product quality, analysis, and so on. If they do it, this is often done in a haphazard way: excel sheets, paper records, unstructured files, temporary databases. This often results in decisions being made without having a proper analytical and quantitative view, that could which could appropriately support operators experitise.

FactorAi is the solution. It is a single dashboard that collects and displays data, simple statistics (KPI, SPC and OEE), and AI based ones (like prediction models for quality optimization, yield improvment, predictive maintenance, energy savings and so on).

For many types of industries. Including yours.

The market segment we address consists of medium and large companies, with an IT department (i.e., having an MES, or DCS, or SCADA or OPC-DA/UA system), that operate in the Chemical, Food, Oli&gas, Pharmaceutical (manufacturing) sector. But FactorAI can be easily customized also for other kind of process. Users of the platform are generally process operators, plant managers, and management.


Technology Assessment

1-2 weeks to check the AS-IS of the productoin process, identify the areas of interest and set the desired goals

Production Trial

1-2 months to identify a high-impact business problem and work with the Kode team to rapidly build an AI-based data-driven application to solve it

Deployment in Production

4-6 Months to scale up and deploy a tested application into production, incorporate user feedback and fine tune the algorithms to reach desired goals and related maximum economic value.

Our plans

FactorAI comes with two different plans depending on the scope and usage of the client.
Choose the best fit for you.



FactorAI basic is connected to all data sources of interest and displays the data collected there. KPIs of interest to the customer are also displayed in the dashboard and simple, intuitive visualisations are available to study trends and correlations.
FactorAI basic allows you to do monitoring and business intelligence quickly and easily, taking advantage of all the factory’s databases.
FactoAI basic shows OEE and SPC index.

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FactorAI advanced includes FactorAI basic and adds all the power of Kode’s AI engine. In FactorAI advanced you can insert any predictive models you want, for example, virtual based sensors that allow you to assess product quality, detect process anomalies, perform predictive maintenance, discover non-conforming raw materials, adjust energy consumption and so on…
Everything is displayed with a very simple and intuitive interface. The complexity of the models is hidden under the surface and the user does his work using a single, convenient, menu-less interface.

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