The building block of data science ecosystems.

Princess is a proprietary data science framework used by Kode to develop custom projects and create vertical applications. Thanks to the use of Princess Kode is able to speed up the execution of orders, reducing times by 60%. In this way the customer sees his needs satisfied in a short time and with less commitment from his team. This allows you to reduce costs, while maintaining high product and service quality.

A toolbox to develop and manage your data science application.

Princess is our Data Science Framework. In other words, our toolbox, which is enriched as we face new challenges and new requests, in which we crystallize and standardize our know-how. Princess is made up of a set of modules, in continuous development, which interconnect with each other and with the customer’s IT infrastructures (MES, ERP, CRM, any type of DB), welcome the artificial intelligence models developed by our data scientists, compose the outline to allow deployment and maintenance, display the results of the work, allowing effective interactions, through beautiful dashboards.

A framework which adapts to any type of data.

In all cases where a lot of data is generated, for example, a production process, a clinical study or image analysis, it is necessary to extract all the information possible to make the best decisions. With Princess we are able to quickly connect to any data source, whether heterogeneous, asynchronous or complex, to let the data speak and achieve the business goal and be the solution to the customer’s problem.

Applications ready to run

A taste of what can be done with Princess.

Real Time OEE

Real Time OEE

Most manufacturing companies need to calculate unbiased real time OEE. Using process or erp data, OEE is automatically calculated on the minimum time basis available.

Industry 4.0


Monitoring mobility flows at the micro level or capturing flows from surveillance cameras.  People counter brings together geolocation and deep learning techniques, makiing it possible to automatically monitor mobility flows and control circumscribed spaces.

Mobility Smart City


For companies that need strict control of the microclimate in their environments, because their production environments is sensitive to environmental factors. Thanks to AI it is possible to forecast, both over the medium to long term and nowcast to understand whether anything will occur within a few minutes.

Industry 4.0 Sensors

Build with Princess

With Princess we built vertical applications for a plethora of clients. Here are some of them.

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