Kode partecipates to Internet Festival 2022

Kode s.r.l.

As part of the Internet Festival 2022, Kode is proposing a Workshop entitled “WHY ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IS IMPERFECT?

The human error of reality modelling” aimed at students aged between 14 and 18 led by a representation of our team in the persons of: Alessio Sommovigo, Francesca Sbolgi, Chiara Baraglia, Guglielmo Giomi, Andrea Spinelli, Gabriele Galatolo and Francesca Giorgolo. This event was designed with the aim of reinforcing the concept that there is no artificial intelligence capable of behaving exactly as humans do, i.e. so intelligent as to be able to acquire self-awareness and consciousness. During the workshop, together with our team, the students will play with the concept of data, build models of Artificial Intelligence (on paper!) and touch upon why this Artificial Intelligence can never supplant the human one…. and instead, if designed well, can be used cooperatively, in order to reduce the workload to allow the human brain to focus on high-level issues.

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