Efficient delivery.

Under any condition.

Planning even one delivery trip in urban settings is a tough job. Scheduling dozens or hundreds of them daily is an impossible task if you don’t have the right means. KoDelivery uses artificial intelligence to efficiently organize all delivery journeys, according to specific needs, always finding the best route for the entire fleet.

All the variables you want for route optimization.

In all cases where a lot of data is generated, for example, a production process, a clinical study or image analysis, it is necessary to extract all the information possible to make the best decisions. With Princess, we are able to quickly connect to any data source, whether heterogeneous, asynchronous, or complex, to let the data speak and achieve the business goal and be the solution to the customer’s problem.

Our plans

Kodelivery comes with three different plans depending on the scope and usage of the client.
Choose the best fit for you.


Trial Free

Try KoDelivery for free for small daily deliveries.

  • SaaS
  • Manual add of addresses (max 10 per day)
  • Deliveries possible on max 2 shipping trip
  • Route optimization (minimum distance)
  • Automatic geolocalization
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For companies that need to manage their travels in the best possible way using the most advanced algorithms and manage the fleet in real time.

  • SaaS
  • Bulk add of addresses
  • Deliveries on multiple shipping trips
  • Route Optimization on custom constraints (time window, max time, max distance, depot points)
  • Driver notification via mobile
  • Performance tracking
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A fully integrated version with its own management systems, resolution of specific needs, development of exclusively dedicated functions.

  • On-premise (internal cloud)
  • Route Optimization on ad hoc constraints
  • Direct integration with ERP
  • Subdivision of shipping trip on custom parameters
  • Integrated communication with clients and customers
  • Driver notification through app
  • Custom features on request
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