FactorAI: The all-in-one app

for your factory.

A complete analytical and quantitative perspective to optimise your factory: your complex and unstructured data will now be the key to strategic and informed decision-making.

Data will bring, to your company, fact-based indications to optimise production on a daily basis thanks to this production data platform, collecting and analysing data, extracting insights and predicting key facts.

The Factory at your fingertip.

FactorAI is a production processes data platform allowing rapid collection and comparison of all processes’ data. Thanks to it, an organisation can compute real-time statistics, predict key facts and extract insights supporting process optimization as well as the organisation’s sustainability.

The impact of the digital revolution in the manufacturing field

As a matter of fact, the digital revolution has become overwhelming today. Indeed, the advent of Big Data accelerated it as never before, by spreading out the relevance of data understanding for the performing management of factories and organisations.

Conversely, despite our collective energy and investment, digital transformation still feels difficult for organisations, especially in the manufacturing field. The automation of once-manual processes (such as testing, integration and database management) face common and new issues:

  • machinery signals that do not share the same language
  • non-interconnected databases that multiply at any new development
  • coexistence of analogical and digital collection of information
  • incomprehensible high costs for systems integration.

From data to knowledge

Extracting information from data is acknowledged as a crucial step in fulfilling the many needs that a company may have along the whole production process. Despite that, the general context generated an increasing mistrust in the possibility of obtaining concrete benefits from AI and Data Science.

After several years working with industrial clients in different fields of manufacturing all over Italy, we identified performing solutions to the majority of the issues that production processes face. FactorAI encompasses the best solutions we’ve developed for the most common issues faced by our clients, such as: 

  • Efficiency and overall performance control
  • Drift’s control and downsize
  • Machine downtime prevention through predictive maintenance
  • Automated quality control (from raw material to the final product)

The benefits of FactorAI

FactorAI is a software platform, based on our proprietary Data Science framework (Princess AI). Thanks to it we can easily create for our clients a unique dashboard that collects, manages and visualises all the organisation’s data and statistics.

Existing row data, hence, transforms into clear, fact based knowledge about the production performances, through basic and advanced statistics such as:

  • SPC indicators (such as control charts)
  • OEE
  • KPIs (both standard and custom)
  • and special indicators, such as virtual sensors and predictive insights, based on AI techniques

Factor AI supports informed decision-making and everyday operations optimization and automation.

For many types of industries. Including yours.

The market segment we address consists of medium and large companies, with an IT department (i.e., having an MES, or DCS, or SCADA or OPC-DA/UA system), that operate in the Chemical, Food, Oli&gas, Pharmaceutical (manufacturing) sector. But FactorAI can be easily customized also for other kind of process. Users of the platform are generally process operators, plant managers, and management.

 Learn more about the other products we’ve developed by now

Three growing depths of analysis

Data Management Module

Data Management Module

All your plant’s Data connected into one single view, whatever the characteristics of your machinery or the type of information sources you need to integrate.

SPC Module

SPC Module

All your processes and production methods monitored through any available KPI and Statistical Process Control tool (such as control charts), integrated with our OEE module.

Predictive AI Module

Predictive AI Module

AI models at your service to transform your data into accurate forecasts and anticipate key decisions.

+ AI Models

Modules for specific needs

For 10 years we have been using the most modern and consolidated methodologies to face our clients’ challenges. Thanks to this experience we’ve developed flexible and fully integrable solutions.

Greener with FactorAI

Here are some clients that adopted FactorAI in their processes.


We approach projects starting with a Technology Assessment. This first step is necessary to check the as-is of the production process and identify the areas of interest and set the desired goals. With the information gathered, we’re able to move on to the development of the Production Trial. The client participates in each phase, up to Application Deployment in Production, by contributing with tests and feedback to incorporate. 

The whole client’s team is generally involved in a final training phase to start using concretely the new data-driven system and that is accompanied by a maintenance phase.

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