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Through its products Kode manages to provide effective solutions to real problems of organizations and users, bringing answers and innovation directly to their homes and on their devices. Product success comes from a refined design and development workflow powered by our Princess data science framework. Princess is a proprietary framework that contains a series of modules that can be combined according to user needs and technical requirements. With Princess we develop both custom projects, tailored to the customer’s needs, and standardized and vertical applications for specific tasks.

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Our main products



Industrial processes made easier.

Your company makes lot of efforts to keep industrial information together through different softwares, suites, Excel sheets and spare notes? FactorAI is the essential dashboard for any company willing to use data within their industrial processes, to optimize, monitor and predict in a coherent way.



Your companion for continuous delivery.

Planning even one delivery trip in urban settings is a tough job. Scheduling dozens or hundreds of them daily is an impossible task if you don’t have the right means. KoDelivery uses artificial intelligence to efficiently organize all delivery journeys, according to specific needs, always finding the best route for the entire fleet.

Vega Toolkit

Vega Toolkit

Chemical processes, green by design.

VEGA Toolkit is a powerful software platform that offers tools for evaluating the biological properties and activities of chemicals. Thanks to the Toolkit, it is possible to improve all R&D activities in the chemical, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical fields by implementing a green-by-design strategy, i.e. evaluating the environmental impact of the products under development beforehand.

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Thanks to the identification of the relationships existing between different processes, Kode has built a multidimensional view of our activity, also pushing us users towards not only technical but also imaginative growth.

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