Kode is the best partner to do scientific research and apply it to the industrial world.

Since our first days the industrial and scientific research has been one of ours most important vocation. We strongly belive in technological and scientific progress and we want to be active part of this process, moved by passion and curiosity.

Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

Carl Sagan

We are present actively both within national research projects, mostly for clinical and industrial research, and in international research projects, mainly for chemical and toxicological research.

Thanks to those experiences we built a strong capacity to immaginate, propose and participate to highly innovative research projects in collaboration with important research centers, both public and private, which we continue to collaborate with.

For all those reasons we are capable to drive a project since from its ideation, passing through a structured path for its development, up to the final prototyping of software and models for simulations and scenario's analysis.

Industrial research

Data analysis for neurological research

Chemical and toxicological research for the environment

Clinical research

Research for sensor applications