We support the customer to find the optimal solution for every step related to the management and analysis of data: from the initial collection to the organization and to their share.

We use our ability to retrieve and balance data togheter with our technical knowledge to create systems for data providing for users, using interactive dashboards, or for client applications, like the project and implementation of REST interfaces accessible through web.

Data Providing

We offer the development of custom tools, based on open-source software basing on the needs of the customer, both for system which will work as stand-alone or for distributed systems. Those systems can be implemented with modelling algorithms for the continuous processing and the analysis of data contained into databases. We use the best technologies to store and organize data, as the most known DBMSs (PostgreSQL, MySQL) or systems to organize unstructured data or graph/document oriented, like MongoDB, Neo4J, OrientDB or ArangoDB.

Open Data

We embrace the Open Data philosophy. We provide assistance to public administrations and companies, studying and implementing the solutions open most useful to make the data accessible, improving the efficency, participation and trasparency.

Meanwhile we offer services of critical reading, elaboration and interpretation of the already existing open dataset.

Data belonging to the Public Administrations represent a huge patrimony and they are acquiring an increasing importance, so that it is increasing at national and european level the trend to make those information freely available also to citizens and private companies, without restrictions of copyright, patents, or other forms of control that somehow can limit the reproduction of those data. This is finalized to make Administrations more transparent to provide more efficient services.

Data management dashboard

Unstructured data managed with graph-based systems

Open Data data release