We believe that our future and of our kids is built day-by-day. For this reason we want to be a company socially conscious, that care about people and sensible to environmental topics.

Our job focuses on the development of the necessary tools to develop and share the knowledge through an efficient information management. We are data science experts, but also in mathematics, computer science, statistics and chemistry. We believe in the multidisciplinary nature of the team and in the strength of the mix of skills, experiences and backgrounds.

In particular, we work with specific skills and experience in the following fields:

  • Data analytics, visualization & big data
  • Industry 4.0
  • Research projects
  • Cheminformatics
  • Omic sciences
  • Data providing

Our activities are mainly related to the direct consultancy, in particular in the industrial field and in the partecipation within national research projects , like the POR FESR for the Industrial Research&Development and the PAR FAS for medical research, and international , like LIFE and HORIZON projects, collaborating with research center of excellence, both national and international.

We offer specific training services on data analysis and/or about the usage of specific tools, and we actively partecipate to the research job of our partners, with which we collaborate in lots of publications on international scientific journals.

In order to maximize the satisfaction of our customers, we use the best and more advanced technologies available.

We are entusiasthic and promoter of the innovation and of the technological progress, for those reasons we belive into the continuous team training on new technologies, tools or techniques that are the state of the art within the fields we operate in.

Kode crew

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