Thanks to our skills in the fields of mathematics, statistics, and computer science we provide assistance in every passage of the data analysis, starting from the initial data collection, to the representation of the results of the processing.

We help our customers to maximise the value of their data and to find the optimal solutions to organize, manage, analyse and share them. We use advanced and versatile data analysis softwares, as R or Matlab.

In particular, our experience focuses on applications for industrial processes, like the optimization, processes' control and quality of the products, and to the data mining, that is the exploration of multivariate statistical data for machine learning applications and to provide decision support.

Optimization of industrial processes

Using multivariate statistics techniques can lead huge benefits, and then gainings, to industrial processes. Those kind of applications belongs to the field as known as chemometrics, that is a discipline which involve the use of mathematics, statistics and informatics for applications working on chemical and physical data. We can offer lot of services for specific need:

Data analysis we analyse and extract useful information from every kind of process, in order to obtain a better understanding of every aspect of the process under examination

Design of experiment using the statistical project of the experiments it is possible to study, with the lowest effort, how to improve the processes

Process control we can project control systems for processes, in order to optimize them and to improve the production

Product development through a careful resources use, a deep analysis of the industrial historical data and an efficient experimental planning, makes possible to reach the objectives of innovation quickly and low costs.

Data Mining

Data mining techniques allow us to explore and analyse data in order to have a complete overview; indipendently from quality of data, using multivariate statistics techniques is the only way to explore and get useful information from data. Keeping in mind this goal, we offer our experience in the field of the data mining to help to organize and explore every kind of data di dati, e in abbinamento offriamo le soluzioni software necessarie. In particolare possiamo applicare la nostra esperienza in two relevant fields:

Machine learning we create correlation and predictive models to search patterns inside data, working with information from texts, databases and other sources of data. The process of elaboration of results, once developed alghoritms and models, become automated or semi-automated and for its nature it will have only need to be monitored, making any change necessary only in case of variation introduced within the modeled system.

Social and demographic analysis we provide support to public administrations and companies to apply the most advanced techniques for the exploration of multivariate data to social and economical contexts. We can provide a complete service taking care of data collection from the sources, writing social reports and territorial social and economical background analysis.

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