Kode is a young scientific consultancy company working in the field of data science. We are a group of experts in several fields: multivariate statistics, data mining, chemometrics, chemoinformatics, socio-economic research.

We provide support to companies and local authorities: through data analysis, we can enhance their know-how with analytical tools, models development, visualizations, reports and work-flows production.
Data Science
  • Data Analysis and Processing
    Data mining solutions for every kind of data, and application of chemometric techniques for industrial processes optimization. Learn more in the data analysis and processing section
  • Chemoinformatics
    The most advanced software tools to handle chemical information. Dataset management, molecules processing, QSAR and QSPR predictive models... Learn more in the website Kode Chemoinformatics
  • Open Data
    Make your data open: a novel strategy that brings several benefits. We provide consultancy and suitable tools to let you in the new digital era. Learn more in the Open Data section
  • Training
    We provide support for training courses on the most advanced topics of data analysis and processing. From courses on R software to open data strategies. Learn more in the training section

  • Kode Chemoinformatics
    Kode Chemoinformatics is the thematic website for our chemoinformatics and QSAR/QSPR modelling activities: model development and application, ad hoc software solutions, support in chemical and pharmaceutical research. Visit the website to discover our services and the available software applications.
  • Kode::opendata
    Kode::opendata is the website for all our Open Data services on the italian market. Support for opening data, analysis, infographics, training and much more. Visit the website to discover our services and to see our porfolio (note: only available in italian).